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Our Promise

Quality Feed

Organic, Non-GMO, corn & soy free.

Instantly see the difference from big box feed.

Sourced locally & milled fresh.

Healthier Chickens

Shinier plumage & brighter colored combs.

Stronger, more confident chickens with higher activity levels.

Eggcellent Results

Taste the difference in the eggs!

Consistent egg production with stronger shells & deeper, golden yolks.

Our Obligation

Ethical Commitment

100% sourced from local, U.S. family farms - zero imported grains.

Sustainable, recycled packaging.

100% family owned.

Supporting all employees with a $24/hr minimum wage.

Quick & Easy

No more feed store!

Fresh, quality feed delivered in easy-to-lift 23 lb. bags.

Customized subscriptions to meet any schedule!

FREE Shipping!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - Try Risk Free

Fresh, quality feed delivered!

Layer Chicken Feed

Layer Chicken Feed

  • Larger, tastier eggs for you - healthier for them
  • Organic, Non-GMO, corn & soy free
  • 100% of feed sourced from local, US family farms - zero imported grains
  • Save 75%+ buying in bulk

Looking for literally TONS of chicken feed?

Buy in Bulk & Save 75%!

Bulk Organic Chicken Feed | Freight Cost Estimates

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What the flock is Mile Four?

Fresh, organic chicken feed shipped directly to you, so you can focus on what you do best: raising a healthy & happy flock.

All feed is organic, corn & soy free, Non-GMO & is delivered in easy-to-lift 23 lb. bags.

We've made the healthiest & tastiest feed for your flock.

You'll be able to taste & see the difference in their eggs.

You control the amount of feed & delivery frequency.

We mill fresh feed each week & ship directly to your home.

Direct to you from the fields of the Midwest—no middlemen, no grains sitting on shelves for months, just the finest, freshest feed for your ladies.

Choose the frequency based on your flock’s needs. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, once in a blue moon—whatever floats your coop.

You can change the frequency & quantity or cancel at any time.

Each feed page has a “How Much Feed Do I Need?” calculator to help you choose the right amount based on flock size.

Mile Four subscribers get 5% off every order, forever!

Our feeds are available online so that we can continue providing the freshest, finest feeds at your convenience.

Since we deliver the feed directly to your flock, you can relax knowing that your dollars are going towards the highest quality ingredients, not to the mark-ups of a big brand.


We are simply here to make your life easier and your chickens healthier.

No sign-up fees, no contracts, no cancellation fees.

We hope you’ll stay, but you are free to cancel at anytime with just a few clicks.

None! Free!*

*Bulk orders (2,000 lb+) are subject to freight shipping costs. View shipping estimate to your home.