Mile Four Organic Chicken Feed Has a New Look

Exciting news!

Over the last 6-12 months our company has grown - THANK YOU!!! During that time, we have been listening to your feedback and researching how to make Mile Four feed more nutritious and longer lasting for your flock.

Due to COVID-19, we have been experiencing production issues that have slowed delivery times that some of you had to encounter.

This has led us to make some minor changes to how we make our feed.

With these changes you will notice a new look and feel in Mile Four feed while having the same ingredients in the bag. The change occurs due to following reasons:

  1. We purchased new milling equipment to be able to produce more feed, without having to sacrifice any of the nutritional benefits

  2. The feed will have a deeper color as we have switched from Golden Flax Meal to Brown Flax Meal to give your girls a higher concentration of antioxidants.

  3. We have removed trace ingredient Alfalfa (less than 1%) and are now able to use cracked Oats and Barley (previously ground) which will make the feed more whole, and less powdery (though Starter Feed will still be quite fine to allow chicks to digest it)

  4. The feed now is even more whole-grain rich which should reduce unnecessary leftovers at the bottom of your feeders

  5. We have moved into a new, bigger warehouse that is able to accommodate more feed, to keep up with demand.

We're very excited about this change and hope that you are too. We think it will benefit your flock in many ways!

We would like to thank you all so much for being loyal customers since we started two years ago, and we hope you'll still be around as we grow for another two years and beyond!

Please let us know if you have any questions by commenting on this blog or emailing We'd be happy to answer them!

Luke, Garrett, Ryan, Reelika, NaiSai, Erwin & John.

The Mile Four Team

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My chickens are loving this food. Right now they get crumbles, pellets and Mile Four feed, spoiled girls!! The Mile Four is always gone first!!

Laura Castellanos