Oyster Shell Shortage 2021

Edit Wed, Aug 18: We currently have an Oyster Shell Alternative in our store while we wait for this shortage to end. If your girls need a great source of calcium, click here to purchase today!

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have set off a series of events that has led to a severe national shortage of Oyster Shell.

We'll go through the reasons why these events have left us with no stock of Oyster Shell & when we might be able to sell it again.


Regulatory Issues

The Oysters Themselves

It is hard to say when we will have Oyster Shell back in stock, as many factors go into it, especially given the growing concerns about the Delta Variant of the Coronavirus.

With that being said, we are hoping to have Oyster Shell available on our site by the end of 2021.

During this time, we continue to produce the best, most nutritious feed available to give your flock what they need!

Above all, we are committed to creating quality feed that produces healthier chickens and eggcellent results!

If you'd like to learn more about the Oyster Shell shortage, check out the links below:

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My chickens are loving this food. Right now they get crumbles, pellets and Mile Four feed, spoiled girls!! The Mile Four is always gone first!!

Laura Castellanos