Want a sneak peep into how your flock responds to Mile Four feed?

The $9 Buck Cluck Sample is a 2 lb. bag of our tastiest feed.

Choose Starter, Grower, or Layer.

Starter is for newborn chicks up until 8 weeks of age.

Grower is for 8+ weeks up until 20 weeks, or until they start laying.

Layer feed is for birds of 20+ weeks & roosters.

All feed is certified organic, Non-GMO, and formulated to optimize health.

We have both whole grain and pellet options! Same ingredients; different shapes.

We mill each week & ship to you directly to ensure your ladies get the freshest feed, and shipping is always FREE!

Mile Four feed is made for chickens, ducks & all waterfowl. Check out our Organic Chicken Feed Guide to learn best practices for feeding ducks & waterfowl with our feed.

Visit The Ultimate Chicken Feed Guide to learn more about feeding chickens.

Buy in bulk and save $$$ today. Feed by the pallet will ensure your girls always stay well fed.