When your chickens reach 20+ weeks old they'll officially be layers! You'll want to transition from grower to layer feed when you see that first egg in the coop.

This kit will feed your layers for one month and also includes nutritional supplements for egg production and digestive health.

The kit includes 2 lb grit to help with your hen's digestion and ensures they'll digest the optimal amount of nutrition from our grower feed.

A 2 lb bag of oyster shell is also included which is a calcium supplement that promotes healthy egg production.

One 2 lb bag of scratch is also included for a treat for your girls! This treat should not make up any more than 10% of a chickens overall diet.

For more information see the supplements section in our Beginner's Guide to Raising Backyard Chickens.

All feed is certified organic, Non-GMO, and formulated to optimize health.

100% of grains are sourced from local farmers.

We mill fresh & ship directly from our mill to you to ensure your chicks get the freshest, finest feed.

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