Whole Grain Feed | Organic & Non-GMO Non Uniformity

Whole grain feeds will look different from bag to bag.

For a consistent feed look each order, we recommend pellet & mash blends which use the same organic ingredients as whole grain, just milled differently.
All Mile Four feed is 100% Certified Organic & Non-GMO, meaning grains will look different from bag-to-bag.

For example, if it's been a wet (or dry) summer, field peas may be a different color (yellow, green, purple, etc.) or size. As there are no chemicals or GMO grains being used, there is a noticeable change in grains.

This is why most companies use GMO grains & non-organics - uniformity.


Peas make up 43% to 45% of all feeds and can be a rainbow of colors

More info: MDPI


Wheat is 21%-25% of feed and can be many colors:

More info: Grainsinsmallplaces

There are several different varieties of wheat which we used during production. On occasion, we use emmer wheat (deep dive here) which is basically the same as all wheat varieties but it's hulled meaning it looks larger but this is due to the hull being on the wheat itself. Nutritionally it's the same but it does visually look different.

Other ingredients

Peas and wheat are the two main ingredient we use but all grains shape, size and color also come in a fiesta of sizes, colors and shapes.
This can lead to our whole grain feed looking different from bag to bag: