Welcome to Mile Four

Since 2019, our mission has been to simplify backyard chicken keepers' lives by delivering the highest quality, all-natural, USA-grown organic feed & coop essentials.

As a 100% family-owned company, we are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of every flock & their owners through nutritionally rich feed & eco-friendly coop supplies.

Meet the Team

  • Luke - CoOwner and CEO


    Founder & CEO

    Luke paired his past experiences on his family's farm (yeah rocking picking!) with this e-commerce experience to start Mile Four. His family's love for raising chickens as pets & for eggs is the main reason Mile Four exists. When he’s not running Mile Four, he loves to travel (42 countries visited), run (begrudgingly) & has delusions of running a marathon someday.

    Humblebrag: Once swam in the Atlantic & Pacific Ocean on the same day.

  • Reelika-  Owner



    Reelika is Mile Four's media whizz! She runs pretty much everything that involves advertising & strategy. Reelika grew up next to a chicken farm in Estonia, & her love for chickens never left her when she moved to the US! When she’s not working, she does CrossFit, volunteers with a pet rescue, plays wih her dog Franky, cooks *delicious* meals, & travels.

    Humblebrag: She grew up in Estonia & was one of the 2 million people to hold hands in the Baltic Link that helped gain independence for Estonia.

  • Will in Operations


    Operations Manager

    Will is our operations extraordinare. From bagging & boxing orders to chasing down the Fed Ex guy for 'JUST ONE MORE BOX TODAY' he is the man & gets things done. When not working or bending elbows at the local watering hole he's an avid traveler (Ireland is next!), & spends time with his family.

    Humblebrag: Can spin a basketball on one finger on both hands at the same time.

  • Jessica Graphic Digital Marketing Manager


    Digital Marketing Manager

    Jessica is our digital marketing maestro. Shooting & cutting up videos like a boss, while working with content creators big & small to spread the word about our yummy chicken feed & its majestic quality.

    Humblebrag: Has been a victim in five Lifetime/Hallmark movies!

  • John warehouse associate


    Warehouse Associate

    John, Luke's younger brother, does "whatever helps the team" in the warehouse. He grew up with chickens as well. The flock thinned out a bit by the time he was old enough to help raise them, but he loves the process & the visible transformation between life stages. When he's not stamping bags and lifting the heavy stuff, he's attending med school.

    Humblebrag: He can name any John Mayer song within 3 seconds of pressing play.

  • Erwin Graphic Designer


    Marketing Director

    Erwin takes care of Mile Four's brand design. He has an affinity for chickens & has been around them his whole life. When he's not crushing Adobe Creative Suite into fine dust, he finds time for various creative endeavors & plays percussion in multiple bands.

    Humblebrag: Can cook a killer Filipino vegetable curry (Ginataang Kalabasa)

  • Blair

    Warehouse Associate

    Blair is a stallion in the warehouse. Leaping from order to order in a single bound while simultaneously printing labels & checking inventory levels.

    Humblebrag: Feels no pain from a fresh tat.

  • Franky

    Guard Dog

    Franky, a good boy, is our warehouse guard dog... when he's not too busy being adorable. He's a master of greeting all visitors (or anyone that walks by) with maximum excitement. Almost a year old, his days are spent napping & playing fetch with our team when they need a break.

    Humblebrag: Rescue dog from SafeHands rescue via Kentucky to Minnesota & a true mutt.

  • Omlette

    Guard Cat

    Protects the goods from critters.

    Humblebrag: No mouse is safe!

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