Mile Four is a subscription-based organic chicken feed company based in Minnesota.

Launched in May 2019, our goal is to make raising healthy & happy backyard chickens as easy as possible by delivering the finest, freshest feeds at your convenience.

Luke, Mile Four's CEO, grew up four miles west of a little town in Minnesota on a 5th generation family farm that has been growing feeds & grains in the heartland since the 1800's. He's been trying to find a way to pair his family farming roots with his digital background - hence Mile Four.

Feeding Mile Four to your flock will give you:

Healthier Chickens

  • Shinier plumage & brighter colored combs.

  • Stronger, more confident chickens with higher activity levels.

Quality Feed

  • Organic, Non-GMO, corn & soy free.

  • Instantly see the difference from big box feed.

  • Sourced locally & milled fresh.

Eggcellent Results

  • Taste the difference in the eggs!

  • Consistent egg production with stronger shells & deeper, golden yolks.

Ethical Commitment

  • 100% sourced from local, U.S. family farms - zero imported grains.

  • Sustainable, recycled packaging.

  • 100% family owned.

  • Supporting all employees with a $24/hr minimum wage.

Quick & Easy

  • No more feed store!

  • Fresh, quality feed delivered in easy-to-lift 23 lb. bags.

  • Customized subscriptions to meet any schedule!

  • FREE Shipping!

owner of mile four organic chicken feed



Luke paired his extensive work on his family's farm with 15+ years of e-commerce experience to start Mile Four. His family's love for raising chickens as pets, and for their eggs, is the main reason Mile Four exists. When he’s not running Mile Four, he loves to travel (42 countries visited) and runs (begrudgingly). He has delusions of running a marathon someday.

Humblebrag: He once swam in the Atlantic & Pacific Ocean on the same day.



Reelika is Mile Four's media whizz! She runs pretty much everything that includes advertising and strategy. Reelika grew up next to a chicken farm in Estonia, and her love for chickens never left her when she moved to the US! When she’s not working, she runs, does yoga, dreams of dogs, cooks *delicious* meals, and travels.

Humblebrag: She grew up in Estonia and was one of the 2 million people to hold hands in the Baltic Link that helped gain independence for Estonia.

Chief Operating Officer


Fritz is Mile Four's Chief Operating Officer, making sure Mile Four runs smoothly day-to-day, month-to-month, & year-to-year! He has many years of professional experience in the agriculture world, and since he joined the team we've been helping him plan and design his very own coop so he can finally welcome some silkies into his life!

Operations Manager


Garrett runs operations for Mile Four—making sure our feed is fresh each week and all packages ship daily. He had a chicken named "Peck" when he was a wee lad and he's been chasing that high ever since. When he's not pushing around pallets of feed or answering your emails; he's reading, writing songs, or watching New Girl.

Humblebrag: He sings in a rock band called Not Ideal (pssst, check 'em out).

Marketing Manager


Ryan heads marketing for Mile Four—ensuring we have the proper brand identity to match our goods and services. He has a pet chicken, Cyndi (Lauper), pictured on the left. When he's not curating emails, blogs, and ads; he's watching Manchester United matches, spoiling his two dogs, and playing bass in the same outfit as Garrett, Not Ideal.

Humblebrag: He holds a Guinness World Record for being a part of the largest group of people dressed as Superman in one room.

Warehouse Associate


John, Luke's younger brother, does "whatever helps the team" in the warehouse. He grew up with chickens as well. The flock thinned out a bit by the time he was old enough to help raise them, but he loves the process and the visible transformation between life stages. When he's not stamping bags and lifting the heavy stuff, he's attending med school online (not much time for much else).

Humblebrag: He can name any John Mayer song within 3 seconds after pressing play.

Graphic Designer


Erwin generates Mile Four's logos, graphics, and all general design work. He has an affinity for chickens and has been around them his whole life. When he's not crushing Adobe Creative Suite into a fine dust, he finds time for various creative endeavors, and plays percussion in multiple bands.

Humblebrag: He was crowned "King of Kicks" for his football boot designs for the UEFA Champions League 2018-2019 tournament.