Mile Four is a subscription-based organic chicken feed company based in Minnesota.

Launched in March 2019, our goal is to make raising healthy & happy backyard chickens as easy as possible by delivering the finest, freshest feeds at your convenience.

Luke grew up four miles west of a little town in Minnesota on a 5th generation family farm that has been growing feeds & grains in the heartland since the 1800's. He's been trying to find a way to pair his family farming roots with his ecommerce background - hence Mile Four.



Luke has worked in e-commerce since the aughts—selling everything from cleaning supplies and coffins to amateur radios and makeup. With Mile Four, he’s pairing his family roots in farming with his e-commerce background. When he’s not slinging things on the internet he likes to travel (42 countries visited) and runs (has illusions of running a 1/2 marathon this year).

Humblebrag: Swam in the Atlantic & Pacific Ocean on the same day once.

owner of mile four organic chicken feed
web guy for organic chicken feed

Web Guy


Joseph has been 10101010ing it up as long as he can remember and has built apps, extensions, custom integrations, and…lowly Shopify stores. He runs all things tech at Mile Four. In his free time, he works on his motorcycles whilst wearing hipster jeans and white t-shirts with juuuust enough grease on them to look cool.

Humblebrag: Once lived in New Zealand for a year.

Content Marketing Manager


Ryan has worked in content marketing for big companies and startups. He’s used to helping build brands and writing content that is interesting to people like you! When he's not working, he runs with his dog Meeko (pictured), loves to cook, and watches too much soccer.

Humblebrag: Ryan was born and raised in England, and moved to the U.S. when he was 18.

organic chicken feed paid media manager

Digital Manager


Reelika has worked for Fortune 100 companies and scrappy startups doing everything from HR, accounting, media, and PR. Basically everything. With Mile Four, she runs paid media and helps with strategy. When she’s not working, she runs, does yoga, dreams of dog ownership, cooks delicious meals, and travels.

Humblebrag: Grew up in Estonia and was one of the 2 million people to hold hands in the Baltic Link that helped gain independence for Estonia.

Marketing & Operations Assistant


Keanan has worked in a variety of industries doing everything from general operations all the way to knife throwing. You heard that right. At Mile Four, he manages fulfillment, customer service, and assists with various marketing projects. When he's not working, you can find him with his friends tabletop gaming.

Humblebrag: Got his first degree black belt in karate when he was 13.