Bulk Organic Chicken Feed

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  • 1 item = 1 ton (2000 lb.) = 1 pallet
  • Choose Layer, Grower, Starter or Scratch - Whole Grain or Pellet
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  • Live shipping rates work up to 5 pallets (10,000 lb.). Want more? See FAQ
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Looking for, literally, TONS of chicken feed?

Look no further.

We’ll truck pallets directly from our mill to your coop.

Add item(s) to cart to view shipping rates.

All feed is certified organic, Non-GMO, and formulated to optimize health.

We have both whole grain and pellet options! Same ingredients; different shapes.

We mill each week & ship to you directly to ensure your ladies get the freshest feed.

Mile Four feed is made for chickens, ducks & all waterfowl. Check out our Organic Chicken Feed Guide to learn best practices for feeding ducks & waterfowl with our feed.

Visit The Ultimate Chicken Feed Guide to learn more about feeding chickens.

Buy in bulk and save $$$ today. Feed by the pallet will ensure your girls always stay well fed.

Number of Layers

Deliver Every


Shipping Summer 2021

All trucking services in America are having major delays. These are macro-level issues that are out of our direct control.

Here and here are a couple articles pertaining to these delays.

We hope these issues are resolved very soon.

How does this affect my ship time?

In "normal" times, we estimated we can deliver anywhere in the US lower 48 in under 7 days. We estimate this extending to 10 days (this is just an estimate).

Once your order is in the system and has shipped there is nothing we can do to expedite the shipment, change it, or cancel it.

Please be sure all of this is A-OK before you place your order.

If you have any questions, please email us at milefour@milefour.com

Shipping rates?

Add items to cart & enter your address to view shipping rates.

We control feed costs but shipping rates swing WILDLY depending on where we’re shipping to.

How can I get lower shipping rates?

Buy more pallets.

Buying more than 1 pallet at a time will lower your per pallet shipping rate substantially. Getting a truck to your place can be expensive, but if a truck  is already coming to deliver 1 pallet, the cost per pallet for pallets 2-10 is far less than pallet #1. Economies of scale - yeah!

Add and remove pallets to cart to see shipping rates. These fees are live for our nationwide providers and are the lowest possible rates.

Delivery time?

3-7 days from order date.

We ship from near where Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin come together.

Bulk Organic Chicken Feed Ship from Location

Delivery time increases the farther you are away from shipping location and the farther you are away from any metro area.

Can you tell me exact delivery date?


The local delivery company who is physically coming to deliver will call you the day before delivery to confirm that you will be home.

Do I have to be home for delivery?


You are accepting a commercial delivery worth thousands of dollars, someone will need to be there to accept and sign.

What if I’m not home or miss the delivery?

This is not good. We’ll call to confirm delivery but if you’re not there we will charge you whatever the freight company charges us which will be at least $100. This is not like USPS/Fed Ex/UPS where they come back 3 times for free. You must be there at the set time to receive delivery.

How will freight come off the truck?

100% of orders will be delivered using a lift-gate.

Here's a video (from another company) showing how this will work.

The driver will use a pallet jack (just like video above) to remove pallet(s) and will NOT move your shipment further than where the truck pulls up. They will not take pallet(s) inside any facility and you are responsible for moving the pallet(s) once the driver takes it off the truck.

Will the delivery driver move pallets too?

No. They can only move the pallet(s) from the truck to just off the truck. They cannot take feed off the pallet or move more than a few feet from where the truck backs up.

We recommend buying a pallet jack (or find 2nd hand locally for $50ish) to help move pallets.

Where will the truck back into?

An 18 wheeler semi is the truck you should plan on coming.

Before ordering, consider how/where the truck will come in and out and where the driver can physically drop your pallet(s).

Drivers cannot back down winding driveways or drive onto property they cannot turn around on.

The ground the pallet(s) will be moved on is something to consider as well.

  • Pavement = great
  • Gravel = will not work

Feed weight?

1 ton (2,000 lb) is how much feed fits on 1 pallet. This comes in 23 lb bags of feed (86-88 bags per pallet).

How do I buy more than 10,000 lb (5 pallets)?

We can do this but as can't pull live trucking rates and take payment online.

Ballpark costs:

  • Product cost will be the same
  • Trucking rates = add 5 pallets to cart and add about 20% - this will be near the final trucking rates

If you are ready to buy please email milefour@milefour.com with:

  • Name
  • Ship to address
  • Quantity and items

And we'll follow up with a quote ASAP.

Shelf life?

We mill your feed after you order and rule of thumb is 6 months. But keeping in a dark, cool place can increase shelf life.

Will this set up change, this does not meet my needs?

Yes! Sign up for our emails and we'll keep you posted.

Upcoming changes will include:

  1. Reduced ship times (2-7 days)
  2. Feed tote bags (cheaper than current 23 lb bags) 
  3. No lift-gate delivery (cheaper & shorter delivery time)
  4. Bulk grit & oyster shell

View full FAQ

How does the subscription work?

Subscribers save 5% on every order, forever!

Choose frequency based on your flock's needs. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, once in a blue moon—whatever floats your coop.

Change the frequency and quantity or cancel at any time.  

Is your feed medicated?


Is your feed fermentable?

Yes! Here's a guide

Where is the feed made?

100% of grains are farmed and milled in the Midwest using only U.S. grains from local family farms.

Is this feed suitable for ducks, geese, and other waterfowl?


Why does my feed vary a little between orders?

All feed is 100% Certified Organic, which means that depending on various factors, it can look a little different each time we mill it. For example, if it's been a particularly wet or dry summer, the field peas may be a different color. This is the nature of milling all organic feed, and is out of our control. We do sell pellet feed if you find you'd rather have uniform feed each time. It is exactly the same ingredients as the whole grain feed - but pelletized.

What about shipping?

We ship Monday - Friday. Shipping takes 1-3 business days via UPS.

Mile Four Feed Ship Time via UPS

Free Shipping?

YES! All packages ship FREE via UPS from Minneapolis.

What's up with the odd weights?

Shipping weight limitations - this is how we keep our costs down.


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