Organic chicken feed close up

Easier for you.

Better for them.

Real ingredients with integrity

Our organic, whole grain feed is rich with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. 

Options for everyone

With corn/soy meal free feed available, we have something for everyone. 

Made fresh and delivered

We mill our feed fresh and ship it directly to your door.

Customized Deliveries

Set up a delivery schedule with your favorite feed, so you never have to make a trip to the feed store again. Skip, edit, or cancel your plan at any time.

Subscribers save 5% on every order.

Hen standing on organic chicken feed

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What the flock is Mile Four?

We mill fresh, organic chicken feed and ship directly to you, so you can focus on what you do best: raise a healthy & happy flock.

Keep reading to learn more!

At Mile Four we've made the healthiest & tastiest feed for your flock convenient.

You'll be able to taste the difference in their eggs.

You control the amount of feed & delivery frequency.

We mill the fresh feed & ship directly to your home.

Direct to you from the fields of the Midwest—no middlemen, no grains sitting on shelves for months, just the finest, freshest feed for your ladies.

You get to choose the frequency based on your flock’s needs. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, once in a blue moon—whatever floats your coop.

You can change the frequency and quantity or cancel at any time.

Each feed page has a section called “How Much Feed Do I Need?” with a calculator.

Use it to help you figure out the recommended amount of feed you’ll need based on the number of birds you have and your desired frequency.

Mile Four subscribers get 5% off every order, forever!

Our feeds are available exclusively online so that we can continue providing the freshest, finest feeds at your convenience.

Since we deliver the feed directly to your flock, you can relax knowing that your dollars are going towards the highest quality ingredients, not to the mark-ups of a big brand.

We are simply here to make your life easier.

No sign-up fees, no contracts, no cancellation fees.

We hope you’ll stay, but you are free to cancel at anytime with just a few clicks.