Chicken Grit

  • Grit helps with digestion
  • Required to develop chicken’s healthy gizzard
  • Recommendation: 1 lb per hen per month (see Beginner's Guide for details)
  • FREE shipping
  • Try 4 lb.—money back if your ladies don't love it

Chickens of all ages need grit to help them digest their food. 

As chickens do not have teeth, they need grit (basically little rocks) to help break down and digest their feed.

Even if your flock is free range and finding grit in the yard, we recommend supplementing their feed with grit to avoid digestive issues that are common without grit.

Offer your chickens a grit free-choice in a separate container. Remember to always provide them with clean, fresh water.

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Feeding tips?

  • Ferment to double your feed & halve your costs!
  • Organic chicken feed guide
  • Backyard chickens beginners guide
  • Free range eggs guide

How does the subscription work?

Subscribers save 5% on every order, forever! Choose frequency based on your flock's needs. Weekly, monthly, quarterly—whatever floats your coop. Change frequency & quantity or cancel at any time.

Is this suitable for ducks, geese & waterfowl?

Yes! They love it.

Why do my feed orders look a little different?

100% of ingredients are Non-GMO & certified organic so much like organic apples at the grocery store, grain size & color vary a little. All ingredients are exactly the same each time we mill but the color may look a little different. If you’d like uniformity of color, mash or pellet is the way to go as the grains are finely ground but whole grains may look a little different - as is mother nature's way.

Transitioning Feeds

Feed Transition Guide

Whether transitioning from starter to grower, or switching feed brands, it's important to slowly transition so their stomachs have time to adjust.


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