62 Best Backyard Chicken Blogs & Websites

Whether you are new to chicken keeping or have years of experience, it is much easier to do if you have access to the right resources.

Instead of scouring the internet for the best websites, we have compiled the most helpful (or interesting) ones. These resources include anything from straight-up blogs, to Instagram accounts, to podcasts about chickens. 

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Best Chicken Blogs

Chicken Keeping Blogs

Instead of starting from scratch, learn from the experts that already know how to raise chickens. These blogs offer expert advice on all things chickens. Learn about everything from how to care for eggs, to how to raise chickens without using plastic. 

1. Backyard Chicken Project

    If you want to buy chicken products, read a chicken blog, and support a good cause all at once, this is the place for you!

    Top Post: 6 Must-Have Supplies for your Urban Chicken Coop

    Social: Instagram Facebook Pinterest

    2. Randy's Chicken Blog

    The musings and experience of one chicken owner. Learn from those who have gone before you with Randy's Chicken Blog.

    Top Post: The World Needs a Couple of Good Chicken Movies

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    3. Counting My Chickens

    Follow along with this suburban dweller who longs to be a farmer. Read all about chickens and this particular flock.

    Top Post: Caring for Chickens in Extreme Weather

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    4. Backyard Poultry

    A helpful resource for all things poultry. Some articles and resources are members only, but the ones that are completely free are helpful in answering questions.

    Top PostBroody Chicken Breeds: A Frequently Under-Valued Asset

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    5. City Girl Farming

    This blog covers what you need to know about living a sustainable life without having to move 20 miles out of the city.

    Top Post: How to Get Hens to Lay in the Nest Box

    6. Hen Cam

    Although this blog is no longer being updated, the main reason for visiting this site will be to watch the Hen Cam.

    7. Top Post: Frost and Ice


    8. Natural Chicken

    This blog goes into what it takes to raise chickens naturally. Although they are no longer posting, it has helpful resources.

    Top Post: Chicken Keeping Without Plastic

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    9. Poultry Keeper

    Everything you need to know when it comes to raising chickens, ducks, turkey, geese, or any other fowl.

    Top Post: Looking After Chickens-10 Easy Steps to Getting Started

    10. The Garden Roof Coop

    A blog about one person's experience of keeping chickens and gardening.

    Top Post: The Coop and Chickens

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    11. Pam's Backyard Chickens

    Learn from someone who has raised chickens for over a decade. Check out some articles on crafting and gardening too.

    Top Post: Molting Chickens Explained

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    12. TBN Ranch

    This blog is a collection of articles from other sites. It collects the most useful posts and compiles them in a user-friendly format.

    Top Post: Resource Library for Chicken Keepers

    13. Murano Chicken Farm

    Learn about raising chickens from someone who does it for a living. This blog even covers how to make money from chickens!

    Top Post: Does egg shape indicate chick sex?

    14. Ferndale Chickens

    If you live in Ferndale, Michigan, then this blog will be especially helpful. This is also helpful if you are trying to get chickens legalized in your city.

    Top Post: Things Chickens Like

    15. Urban Chickens

    Although this blog is no longer being updated, it's simple layout offers useful information when wanting to learn more about the ins and outs of chickens.

    Top Post: Stop Washing your Eggs!

    16. Raising Happy Chickens

    If you want to raise chickens from eggs, this blog covers everything you need to know. The writer even has a degree in chicken welfare.

    Top Post: Caring for chickens in your backyard

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    17. Raising Chickens

    This blog is arranged in a user-friendly format so you can easily find the answers to your chicken-related questions.

    Top Post: Chicken Predators: Your Chicken's Worst Nightmare

    18. Backyard Chickens

    This website is composed of hundreds of member written articles about chickens and everything that comes with it. It also has an extensive forum.

    Top Post: How To Raise Chickens

    19. Sorry Chicken

    Questions, answers, and blogging about how to raise your chickens.

    Top PostHow to Keep Foxes Away from Chickens


    Homesteading Blogs

    Have you ever been curious about homesteading? While these blogs aren't exclusively about raising chickens, many homesteaders raise chickens as a part of their lifestyle.

    20. Tilly's Nest

    Tilly's Nest combines chickens, gardening, and crafts along with beekeeping and recipes to make a well-rounded blog.

    Top Post: Feeding Backyard Chickens

    Social: Instagram Facebook Pinterest Twitter

    21. Chickens in the Road

    This blog covers general life out in the country while touching lightly on the life of a meat chicken.

    Top Post: Morning, with Meat Chickens


    22. Life At Cobble Hill Farm

    Covers life on a homestead and how to live a frugal life of sustainable living.

    Top Post: Using Diatomaceous Earth For Chicken Health

    Social: Instagram Pinterest

    23. Morning Chores

    While this blog covers most things to do with homesteading, it also has a dedicated section for raising chickens.

    Top Post: 7 Ways to Keep Chickens Out of Your Garden

    Social: Facebook Pinterest Youtube

    24. The Prairie Homestead

    If you are curious about how to make a living from a homestead, this blog is for you. Chickens aren't the main focus but are a part of the lifestyle.

    Top Post: 30+ Ways to Use a Whole Chicken

    Social: Instagram Facebook Pinterest Youtube

    25. The Free Range Life

    This blog addresses how to live naturally and frugally. Raising chickens and other poultry happens to be a big part of this!

    Top Post: The Pros and Cons of Free Range Chickens


    Best Chicken Instagram Accounts

    Accounts Worth Following

    If you have Instagram, you know there are thousands of accounts out there, but only a few worth following. Brighten up your feed by following these accounts. Trust us. Do it.

    26. Henny & Roo

    Henny & Roo is a monthly subscription service for all things chicken-related. Their Instagram features different products in addition to chicken keeping tips.

    Followers: 18.8k

    27. Fat Hen Farms

    This account is full of beautifully colored eggs and baby chicks. Get your fill of aesthetically pleasing pictures here.

    Followers: 42.8k

    28. Windy Peak Vintage

    As described on the account, Windy Peak Vintage showcases the life of a mother living on a homestead in Montana.

    Followers: 32.4k

    29. Hot Off the Nest

    If you want to see pictures of beautiful chickens in your feed, you should follow this account.

    Followers: 22.5k

    30. The Chicken Chick

    This account has a mix of chickens, cooking, and nature. This colorful account will brighten up your feed. You can also visit the website to find out more!

    Followers: 47.4k

    31. Muddy Oak Hen House

    If you want to know what small farm life is like give this account a follow. You will get chickens mixed in with life on a farm.

    Followers: 11.3k

    32. Three Little Black Birds

    With this account, you will get a mix of eggs, chickens, and nature. If you like graphic design, check out her logos too!

    Followers: 39.3k

    33. The Egg Carton Store

    If you are looking for egg cartons for your freshly laid eggs, check out their products! You will get all things eggs from this account.

    Followers: 3.3k

    34. Timber Creek Farm and Homestead

    This account is for all you homesteaders out there. While chickens are a part of it, there is much more to discover! You can also visit their website to find out more.

    Followers: 2.9k

    35. Egg Envy

    When they say egg envy, they mean it. If you don't have chickens already, you will want some just for the colorful eggs now.

    Followers: 3.7k

    36. The HenPire Strikes Bawk

    Are you a Star Wars fan? Then you should follow this account. It combines all of the good chicken puns with Star Wars. 

    Followers: 5.9k

    37. Drinking With Chickens

    The classic mix of gardens, mixed drinks, and chickens? That's right, she drinks with chickens. Follow to find out more.

    Followers: 58.5k


    Best Chicken Websites

    Chicken Resources

    These resources are more than just blog pages. They have in-depth information on the most common chicken-related questions, in addition to a million and one helpful resources. Don't miss out on some of the best websites about chickens. 

    38. Fresh Eggs Daily

    Fresh Eggs Daily is an industry leader in all things chickens. It includes a blog, a TV show, recipes, and books. If you need to learn more about anything chicken, this is the website to look at.

    Top Post: Garlic-Infused Apple Cider Vinegar for Better Chicken Health

    SocialInstagram Facebook Pinterest Youtube Twitter

    39. The Happy Chicken Coop

    The happy chicken coop is a comprehensive website for chicken keeping. It is easy to use and is useful for those just starting out with chickens.

    Top Post: What Are Chicken Tufts?

    40. My Pet Chicken

    My Pet Chicken has a blog for chicken keepers in addition to selling day-old chicks and the necessary supplies to raise them.

    Top Post: The Story of a Little Chicken Explorer

    Social: Instagram Facebook Pinterest Youtube Twitter

    41. Community Chickens

    A community for chicken owners to learn more about raising chickens. There are DIY projects and recipes as well.

    Top Post: Breaking a Broody Hen

    SocialFacebook Pinterest Youtube Twitter

    42. Pampered Chicken Mama

    This website covers everything from chickens to gardening and sustainable living. These topics are covered on the blog as well as the Youtube channel.

    Top Post: How To Keep A Chicken Coop Warm In Winter


    Hatchery Websites

    Are you thinking of getting chickens for the first time? Or maybe you just want more. This list of hatcheries should give you plenty of options for purchasing anything from eggs to laying hens.

    43. Murray McMurray Hatchery

    If you are looking for a hatchery to buy anything from hatching eggs to juvenile birds McMurray sells most poultry. They are located in Iowa, but ships nationwide.

    44. Strombergs Chickens

    This hatchery is located in Minnesota, and ships around the nation. It sells anywhere from eggs to older birds to the equipment needed to raise them.

    45. Meyer Hatchery

    Everything you will need to hatch or raise baby chicks or poultry, you can even shop by desired egg color. Located in Ohio, they ship the continental states, with varying prices.

    46. Hoovers Hatchery

    This hatchery is located in Iowa and sells chicks, ducks, geese, and turkeys. You can also buy some hatchery merchandise.

    47. Freedom Ranger Hatchery

    This one site allows you to order products from three separate certified hatcheries in Pennsylvania. They offer chickens, ducks, and guinea.

    48. The Chick Hatchery

    This hatchery is located in Lancing, MI and ships within the United States. You can get your birds vaccinated before they are delivered.

    49. Mt Healthy

    This is a third-generation family-owned hatchery that sells poultry. They are located in Ohio and ship throughout the United States.

    50. Belt Hatchery

    For those located in the West, this hatchery is located in California. They only sell chickens (no other types of poultry).

    51. Cackle Hatchery

    Cackle Hatchery is located in Missouri and has an assortment of poultry. If you live in a climate that is extremely hot or cold, you can find birds that will fit that particular climate.

    52. KB Livestock

    An emerging enterprise in the field of livestock farming & marketing. Their farm was started in the year 2011, in a view to provide healthy and protein rich meat to the people.



    Chicken keeping is not an easy or simple task. These forums have thousands of members who can answer all of your questions, big or small. 

    53. Backyard Chickens

    This forum is connected to the website Backyard Chickens. It has extensive information and over 2,000 active members!

    Top Thread: Incubating & Hatching Eggs

    54. Chicken Forum

    If you are looking for an interactive community that is all about chickens, then this is the place for you.

    Top ThreadFermenting Chicken Feed


    Other Great Chicken Resources

    Podcasts & Radio Shows

    Who knew there were podcasts about raising chickens? Keep your learning mobile by listening to these in the car or on-the-go!

    55. What the Cluck Podcast

    If you are an avid podcast listener, and also love all things poultry, then add this to your queue.

    56. Urban Chicken Podcast

    A podcast about the ins and outs of raising chickens. It is intertwined into their blog posts. All podcasts can be found at the bottom of the pages.

    Top PostShould you get Fall/Winter Chicks?

    57. Chicken Whisperer Radio Show

    A radio show about chickens? You read that right. Check out the site to learn more about how the show started.



    Some things just don't fit in a neat little category. Here are all the other resources that might be helpful to you in your chicken raising adventure. 

    58. My My DIY

    If you have a DIY project you need to get done, check out this website to find useful plans. It even includes some chicken coop plans.

    Top Post19 Raised Garden Bed Plans

    59. Wow, My Pet Did That

    News about amazing animals, pet care information, the best ways to spend time with your furry friends, great products for pets and for animal lovers, and much more information for people who love their pets.

    Top PostHow Can You Tell If Your Chickens Are Healthy?

    60. Barnyard Organics

    A certified organic grain and livestock farm in Freetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. They believe in real food, and that putting soil health first leads to overall health for their crops, their animals and ultimately their customers.

    Top Post: Land Limits Do Not Healthy Soil Make

    61. jmexclusives

    This is a wonderful blog run by Joseph Mucira that covers a variety of topics. While chickens are not the only focus, Joseph does have several helpful articles for taking care of your flock.

    Top Post: Raising Chickens Cheaply In Your Backyard Guidelines

    62. Types of Chicken

    Types of Chicken is a very informative chicken blog. Types of Chicken has many articles covering everything from helpful information for raising chickens all the way to interesting stories about other chicken keepers around the world.

    Top Post: Tips On How To Raise Friendly Chickens!


    Know of any other resources that belong here? Shoot us an email at milefour@milefour.com with a link and a short description or add in the comments below.


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