Oyster Shell

  • Oyster shell alt. provides calcium for stronger eggs
  • Raw mineral allows for Organic egg production
  • 1 lb per hen per month (Beginner's Guide for details)

Oyster Shell is a premium source of calcium for building stronger egg shells.

Provide to laying hens around 20+ weeks of age.

Oyster shell alternative blend of fine and coarse untreated calcium carbonate (CaCO) mined from limestone. Fine particles provide an immediate calcium supply while coarse particles provide a slower, steady calcium release. A mix of fine and coarse provides a consistent calcium release into the hen’s bloodstream overnight providing strong eggs.

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Feeding tips?

  • Ferment to double your feed & halve your costs!
  • Organic chicken feed guide
  • Backyard chickens beginners guide
  • Free range eggs guide

How does the subscription work?

Subscribers save 5% on every order, forever! Choose frequency based on your flock's needs. Weekly, monthly, quarterly—whatever floats your coop. Change frequency & quantity or cancel at any time.

Is this suitable for ducks, geese & waterfowl?

Yes! They love it.

Why do my feed orders look a little different?

100% of ingredients are Non-GMO & certified organic so much like organic apples at the grocery store, grain size & color vary a little. All ingredients are exactly the same each time we mill but the color may look a little different. If you’d like uniformity of color, mash or pellet is the way to go as the grains are finely ground but whole grains may look a little different - as is mother nature's way.

Transitioning Feeds

Feed Transition Guide

Whether transitioning from starter to grower, or switching feed brands, it's important to slowly transition so their stomachs have time to adjust.


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