Starter Feed Details

Look no further - this is simply the best chicken feed.

Feed your starters (0-8 weeks of age) the best feed so they become healthy & happy layer chickens.

We recommend mash as chicks are so small they have difficult time eating pellet and whole grain - especially on the first few days.

When your chickens start laying eggs you'll notice:

  • Larger eggs with deeper yolks
  • More eggs
  • Shinier plumage, brighter combs
  • Higher chicken activity

Why is this the best chicken feed for starters (0-8 weeks)?

  • Formulated for Chickens’ Health: We worked with a nutritionist to create a complete feed to maximize chickens’ health. Other feeds maximize chicken growth (for market) or low cost (cheap ingredients).
  • Certificated Organic & Certificated Non-GMO: We work with US certifiers & test constantly to ensure quality standards are met. Other feeds say they're 'natural' which doesn’t mean anything as they use GMO, mass produced grains which cost far less.
  • 100% US Grown on Local Family Farms: We started Mile Four to bring our friends’ & families grains to market directly. Other feeds use cheap overseas grains of dubious ‘organic’ quality or mass produced commercial grains.
  • Whole Grains: Chickens are visual eaters, they’ll go nuts when you feed them. Other feeds are pellet & mash (which we offer) but whole grain is what chickens’ love.
  • Corn-Free: Corn has little nutritional value. Other feeds use corn as it’s a cheap filler.
  • Soy-Free: Soy leads to chickens’ having deficiencies in vitamins including manganese, iron + more. Other feeds use soy as it’s cheap.
  • Superior Ingredients: Mostly organic peas, wheat, alfalfa & barley. Other feeds use corn, soy & other cheap filler ingredients.
  • Non-medicated: Mile Four feed is a clean, healthy feed. Others feeds add medications to combat common chicken diseases such as coccidiosis.
  • Milled Fresh: We mill fresh each week, your girls’ can tell the difference. Other feeds sit on the shelf for months.