How Much Do Chickens Cost? Free Calculator

Flock size i 6 is most popular.
Starting Age i Hatching Eggs: 21(ish) days to hatch Baby Chicks: 0-8 weeks New Layers (started pullets):15-22 weeks
Needsi Brooder and Heat Lamp: Heated enclosure required for hatching eggs and baby chicks.
Budget i $: Cheap, DIY supplies $$: Middle-of-the-road supplies $$$: Premium, high-quality supplies


Set up i This is calculated based on the size and age of your flock, and what materials you will need to purchase.
Monthly i "This number is based on the cost of feed, bedding, and miscellaneous monthly costs. Chicks eat 4 lbs of feed a month. Growers and layers eat about 8 lbs of feed a month."

So you're thinking about getting backyard chickens—that's wonderful!

It's no secret that raising chickens is rewarding and fun, but there are a few upfront and ongoing costs to mull over.

How big of a dent will this make to your wallet? Let's find out.

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